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Published Issues

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Volume 13

Issue 1 (August 2013)

Issue 2 Special Issue on application-specific Processors (September 2013)





Volume 12

Issue 1 Special Issue on Modeling and Verification of Discrete Event Systems (January 2013)

Issue 2 Special Issue on embedded systems for interactive multimedia services (ES-IMS) (February 2013)

Issue S1 (online only) Special Section ESTIMedia12, Special Issue LCTES11, Special Issue rigorous embedded systems design (RESD), Special Issue multiprocessor system-on-chip for cyber-physical systems (March 2013)

Issue 3 (March 2013)

 Issue S2 (online only) Special Section on Probabilistic Embedded Computing (May 2013)

Issue 4 Special Section on Wireless Health Systems, On-Chip and Off-Chip Network Architectures (June 2013)

Volume 11

Issue 1 (March 2012)

Issue S1 (online only) Special Issue ESTIMedia'08 and Special Issue SCOPES'09 (June 2012)

Issue 2 (July 2012)

Issue S2 (online only August 2012)

Issue 3 (September 2012)

Issue 4 (December 2012)

Volume 10

Issue 1 Special Issues:
Java Technologies for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Wireless Health Systems (August 2010)

Issue 2 Special Issue: Model-driven embedded-system design (December 2010)

Issue 3 (April 2011)

Issue 4 (November 2011)

Volume 9

Issue 1 SPECIAL ISSUE CAPA (October 2009)

Issue 2 SPECIAL ISSUE CAPA (October 2009)

Issue 3 (February 2010)

Issue 4 (March 2010)

Volume 8

Issue 1 (December 2008)

Issue 2 (January 2009)

Issue 3 (April 2009)

Issue 4 (July 2009)

Volume 7

Issue 1 (December 2007)

Issue 2(February 2008)

Issue 3 (April 2008) Issue 4 (July 2008)

Volume 6

Issue 1 (February 2007)

Issue 2 SPECIAL ISSUE SCOPES 2005 (May 2007)

Issue 3 (July 2007)

Issue 4 Special Section LCTES'05 (September 2007)

Volume 5

Issue 1 (February 2006)

Issue 2 (May 2006)

Issue 3 (August 2006)

Issue 4 (November 2006)

Volume 4

Issue 1 (February 2005)

Issue 2 (May 2005)

Issue 3 (August 2005)

Issue 4 (November 2005)

Volume 3

Issue 1 (February 2004)

Issue 2 (May 2004)

Issue 3 (August 2004)

Issue 4 (November 2004)

Volume 2

Issue 1 (February 2003)

Issue 2 (May 2003)

Issue 3 (August 2003)

Issue 4 (November 2003)

Volume 1

Issue 1 (November 2002)

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Volume 13


Issue 2

Introduction to the special issue on application-specific processors
Philip Brisk, Tulika Mitra

Hardware architectural support for control systems and sensor processing
Sudhanshu Vyas, Adwait Gupte, Christopher D. Gill, Ron K. Cytron, Joseph Zambreno, Phillip H. Jones

Multicore-based vector coprocessor sharing for performance and energy gains
Spiridon F. Beldianu, Sotirios G. Ziavras

A systematic approach for optimized bypass configurations for application-specific embedded processors
Thorsten Jungeblut, Boris Hübener, Mario Porrmann, Ulrich Rückert

Custom architecture for multicore audio beamforming systems
Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Georgi Kuzmanov, Georgi Gaydadjiev

Design-space exploration and runtime resource management for multicores
Giovanni Mariani, Gianluca Palermo, Vittorio Zaccaria, Cristina Silvano

Memory performance estimation of CUDA programs
Yooseong Kim, Aviral Shrivastava

Parallel architectures for the kNN classifier -- design of soft IP cores and FPGA implementations
Ioannis Stamoulias, Elias S. Manolakos

Automatic synthesis of physical system differential equation models to a custom network of general processing elements on FPGAs
Chen Huang, Frank Vahid, Tony Givargis

LegUp: An open-source high-level synthesis tool for FPGA-based processor/accelerator systems
Andrew Canis, Jongsok Choi, Mark Aldham, Victor Zhang, Ahmed Kammoona, Tomasz Czajkowski, Stephen D. Brown, Jason H. Anderson

Efficient compilation of CUDA kernels for high-performance computing on FPGAs
Alexandros Papakonstantinou, Karthik Gururaj, John A. Stratton, Deming Chen, Jason Cong, Wen-Mei W. Hwu


Issue 1

Sea depth measurement with restricted floating sensors
Mo Li, Zheng Yang, Yunhao Liu

A comparison of compositional schedulability analysis techniques for hierarchical real-time systems
Madhukar Anand, Sebastian Fischmeister, Insup Lee

Leveraging speculative architectures for runtime program validation
Juan Carlos Martinez Santos, Yunsi Fei

Thermal-aware memory mapping in 3D designs
Ang-Chih Hsieh, Tingting Hwang

A software-only scheme for managing heap data on limited local memory(LLM) multicore processors
Ke Bai, Aviral Shrivastava

DLIC: Decoded loop instructions caching for energy-aware embedded processors
Ji Gu, Hui Guo, Tohru Ishihara

L24: Parallelism, performance, energy efficiency, and cost trade-offs in future sensor platforms
Phillip Stanley-Marbell

Software thread integration for instruction-level parallelism
Won So, Alexander G. Dean

Ultra low-power signal processing in wearable monitoring systems: A tiered screening architecture with optimal bit resolution
Hassan Ghasemzadeh, Roozbeh Jafari

A reliability enhancement design under the flash translation layer for MLC-based flash-memory storage systems
Yuan-Hao Chang, Ming-Chang Yang, Tei-Wei Kuo, Ren-Hung Hwang

Transport-layer-assisted routing for runtime thermal management of 3D NoC systems
Chih-Hao Chao, Kun-Chih Chen, Tsu-Chu Yin, Shu-Yen Lin, An-Yeu (Andy) Wu

Contextual partitioning for speech recognition
Christopher G. Kent, Joann M. Paul

Design and evaluation of random linear network coding Accelerators on FPGAs
Sunwoo Kim, Won Seob Jeong, Won W. Ro, Jean-Luc Gaudiot

A constraint programming approach for integrated spatial and temporal scheduling for clustered architectures
Mirza Beg, Peter van Beek


Volume 12


Issue 4

Introduction to the special section on wireless health system
Roozbeh Jafari, John Lach, Majid Sarrafzadeh, William Kaiser

Trapezius muscle EMG as predictor of mental stress
Jacqueline Wijsman, Bernard Grundlehner, Julien Penders, Hermie Hermens

Experiences with context management in emergency medicine
Rita H. Wouhaybi, Mark D. Yarvis, Sangita Sharma, Philip Muse, Chieh-Yih Wan, Sai Prasad, Lenitra Durham, Ritu Sahni, Robert Norton, Merlin Curry, Holly Jimison, Richard Harper, Robert A. Lowe

Latent space segmentation for mobile gait analysis
Aris Valtazanos, D. K. Arvind, Subramanian Ramamoorthy

Miniaturized wireless ECG monitor for real-time detection of epileptic seizures
Fabien Massé, Martien Van Bussel, Aline Serteyn, Johan Arends, Julien Penders

Wireless noncontact ECG and EEG biopotential sensors
Yu M. Chi, Patrick Ng, Gert Cauwenberghs

Introduction to the special section on on-chip and off-chip network architectures
José Flich Cardo, Maurizio Palesi

Addressing network-on-chip router transient errors with inherent information redundancy
Qiaoyan Yu, Meilin Zhang, Paul Ampadu

A complete self-testing and self-configuring NoC infrastructure for cost-effective MPSoCs
Alberto Ghiribaldi, Daniele Ludovici, Francisco Triviño, Alessandro Strano, José Flich, José LUIS Sánchez, Francisco Alfaro, Michele Favalli, Davide Bertozzi

An efficient, low-cost routing framework for convex mesh partitions to support virtualization
Frank Olaf Sem-Jacobsen, Samuel Rodrigo, Tor Skeie, Alessandro Strano, Davide Bertozzi

Designing best effort networks-on-chip to meet hard latency constraints
Ciprian Seiculescu, Dara Rahmati, Srinivasan Murali, Hamid Sarbazi-Azad, Luca Benini, Giovanni De Micheli

Gana: A novel low-cost conflict-free NoC architecture
Eitan Zahavi, Israel Cidon, Avinoam Kolodny

A network congestion-aware memory subsystem for manycore
Dongki Kim, Sungjoo Yoo, Sunggu Lee

Enabling power efficiency through dynamic rerouting on-chip
Frank Olaf Sem-Jacobsen, Samuel Rodrigo, Alessandro Strano, Tor Skeie, Davide Bertozzi, Francisco Gilabert


Issue S2

Introduction to Special Section on Probabilistic Embedded Computing
Christoph Kirsch, Vincent Mooney

Ten Years of Building Broken Chips: The Physics and Engineering of Inexact Computing
Krishna Palem, Avinash Lingamneni

Parallelizing Sequential Programs with Statistical Accuracy Tests
Sasa Misailovic, Deokhwan Kim, Martin Rinard

Exploiting Timing Error Resilience in Processor Architecture
John Sartori, Rakesh Kumar

Managing the Quality vs. Efficiency Trade-off Using Dynamic Effort Scaling
Vinay K. Chippa, Kaushik Roy, Srimat T. Chakradhar, Anand Raghunathan

Half-Wits: Software Techniques for Low-Voltage Probabilistic Storage on Microcontrollers with NOR Flash Memory
Mastooreh Salajegheh, Yue Wang, Anxiao (Andrew) Jiang, Erik Learned-Miller, Kevin Fu

Survey of Stochastic Computing
Armin Alaghi, John P. Haye

Synthesizing Parsimonious Inexact Circuits through Probabilistic Design Techniques
Avinash Lingamneni, Christian Enz, Krishna Palem, Christian Piguet

PROARTIS: Probabilistically Analyzable Real-Time Systems
Francisco J. Cazorla, Eduardo Quiñones, Tullio Vardanega, Liliana Cucu, Benoit Triquet, Guillem Bernat, Emery Berger, Jaume Abella, Franck Wartel, Michael Houston, Luca Santinelli, Leonidas Kosmidis, Code Lo, Dorin Maxim

Probabilistic Temporal Logic Falsification of Cyber-Physical Systems
Houssam Abbas, Georgios Fainekos, Sriram Sankaranarayanan, Franjo Ivancic, Aarti Gupta

Energy- and Thermal-Aware Video Coding via Encoder/Decoder Workload Balancing
Domenic Forte, Ankur Srivastava

Hardware-Based Load Value Trace Filtering for On-the-Fly Debugging
Vladimir Uzelac, Aleksandar Milenkovic


Issue 3

Schedulability analysis of EDF-scheduled embedded real-time systems with resource sharing
Fengxiang Zhang, Alan Burns

Using memory profile analysis for automatic synthesis of pointers code
Yosi Ben-Asher, Nadav Rotem

Robustness analysis for battery-supported cyber-physical systems
Fumin Zhang, Zhenwu Shi, Shayok Mukhopadhyay

MORPHEUS: A heterogeneous dynamically reconfigurable platform for designing highly complex embedded systems
Nikolaos S. Voros, Michael Hübner, Jürgen Becker, Matthias Kühnle, Florian Thomaitiv, Arnaud Grasset, Paul Brelet, Philippe Bonnot, Fabio Campi, Eberhard Schüler, Henning Sahlbach, Sean Whitty, Rolf Ernst, Enrico Billich, Claudia Tischendorf, Ulrich Heinkel, Frank Ieromnimon, Dimitrios Kritharidis, Axel Schneider, Joachim Knaeblein, Wolfram Putzke-Röming

Configurable memory security in embedded systems
Jérémie Crenne, Romain Vaslin, Guy Gogniat, Jean-Philippe Diguet, Russell Tessier, Deepak Unnikrishnan

Achieving energy efficiency through runtime partial reconfiguration on reconfigurable systems
Shaoshan Liu, Richard Neil Pittman, Alessandro Forin, Jean-Luc Gaudiot

Providing DoS resistance for signature-based broadcast authentication in sensor networks
Qi Dong, Donggang Liu, Peng Ning

A rule-based quasi-static scheduling approach for static islands in dynamic dataflow graphs
Joachim Falk, Christian Zebelein, Christian Haubelt, Jürgen Teich

Power-aware dynamic mapping heuristics for NoC-based MPSoCs using a unified model-based approach
Luciano Ost, Marcelo Mandelli, Gabriel Marchesan Almeida, Leandro Moller, Leandro Soares Indrusiak, Gilles Sassatelli, Pascal Benoit, Manfred Glesner, Michel Robert, Fernando Moraes

Joint variable partitioning and bank selection instruction optimization for partitioned memory architectures
Tiantian Liu, Chun Jason Xue, Minming Li

Write activity reduction on non-volatile main memories for embedded chip multiprocessors
Jingtong Hu, Chun Jason Xue, Qingfeng Zhuge, Wei-Che Tseng, Edwin H.-M. Sha

Partitioning sporadic task systems upon memory-constrained multiprocessors
Sanjoy Baruah

A hard real-time capable multi-core SMT processor
Marco Paolieri, Jörg Mische, Stefan Metzlaff, Mike Gerdes, Eduardo Quiñones, Sascha Uhrig, Theo Ungerer, Francisco J. Cazorla

Detection of harmful schizophrenic statements in esterel
Jeong-Han Yun, Chul-Joo Kim, Seonggun Kim, Kwang-Moo Choe, Taisook Han

Energy-efficient and high-performance software architecture for storage class memory
Seungjae Baek, Jongmoo Choi, Donghee Lee, Sam H. Noh

High-performance and low-energy buffer mapping method for multiprocessor DSP systems
Dongwon Lee, Marilyn Wolf, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya

Compositionality in synchronous data flow: Modular code generation from hierarchical SDF graphs
Stavros Tripakis, Dai Bui, Marc Geilen, Bert Rodiers, Edward A. Lee

Market-based resource allocation for distributed data processing in wireless sensor networks
Andrew T. Zimmerman, Jerome P. Lynch, Frank T. Ferrese

Profiling and online system-level performance and power estimation for dynamically adaptable embedded systems
Jingqing Mu, Karthik Shankar, Roman Lysecky


Issue S1

Introduction to the special section on ESTIMedia'12
Jian-Jia Chen, Maurizio Palesi

A novel low-power embedded object recognition system working at multi-frames per second
Antonis Nikitakis, Savvas Papaioannou, Ioannis Papaefstathiou

Mapping of streaming applications considering alternative application specifications
Jiali Teddy Zhai, Hristo Nikolov, Todor Stefanov

Sequential specification of time-aware stream processing applications
Stefan J. Geuns, Joost P. H. M. Hausmans, Marco J. G. Bekooij

A lifetime aware buffer assignment method for streaming applications on DRAM/PRAM hybrid memory
Daeyoung Lee, Hyunok Oh

Enhancing user experiences by exploiting energy and launch delay trade-off of mobile multimedia applications
Yi-Fan Chung, Yin-Tsung Lo, Chung-Ta King

Introduction to the special section on LCTES'11
Bjorn De Sutter, Jan Vitek

Synchronous programming of device drivers for global resource control in embedded operating systems
Nicolas Berthier, Florence Maraninchi, Laurent Mounier

Cache persistence analysis: Theory and practice
Christoph Cullmann

Introduction to the special section on rigorous embedded systems design
Joseph Sifakis, Lothar Thiele, Reinhard Wilhelm

Sensitivity of cache replacement policies
Jan Reineke, Daniel Grund

Rigorous rental memory management for embedded systems
Jinkyu Jeong, Hwanju Kim, Jeaho Hwang, Joonwon Lee, Seungryoul Maeng

Heuristic search for adaptive, defect-tolerant multiprocessor arrays
Vasileios Vasilikos, Georgios Smaragdos, Christos Strydis, Ioannis Sourdis

Fusing statecharts and java
Maria-Cristina Marinescu, César Sánchez

Introduction to the special section on multiprocessor system-on-chip for cyber-physical systems
Michael Hübner

Parallel programming patterns for multi-processor SoC: Application to video processing
Pierre G. Paulin, Ali Erdem Özcan, Vincent Gagné, Bruno Lavigueur, Olivier Benny c

Predictability for timing and temperature in multiprocessor system-on-chip platforms
Lothar Thiele, Lars Schor, Iuliana Bacivarov, Hoeseok Yang

metroII: A design environment for cyber-physical systems
Abhijit Davare, Douglas Densmore, Liangpeng Guo, Roberto Passerone, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alena Simalatsar, Qi Zhu

Pacemaker control of heart rate variability: A cyber physical system perspective
Paul Bogdan, Siddharth Jain, Radu Marculescu

Reliable and adaptive network-on-chip architectures for cyber physical systems
Diana Göhringer, Lukas Meder, Oliver Oey, Jürgen Becker

Power minimization for dynamically reconfigurable FPGA partitioning
Tzu-Chiang Tai, Yen-Tai Lai

Dynamic task partition for video decoding on heterogeneous dual-core platforms
Chun-Jen Tsai, Tsung-Fan Shen, Pei-Ching Liao

A distributed timing synchronization technique for parallel multi-core instruction-set simulation
Meng-Huan Wu, Cheng-Yang Fu, Peng-Chih Wang, Ren-Song Tsay

Adaptive loop caching using lightweight runtime control flow analysis
Marisha Rawlins, Ann Gordon-Ross

Moths: Mobile threads for on-chip networks
Matthew Misler, Natalie Enright Jerger

HERMES: Mobile system for instability analysis and balance assessment
Hyduke Noshadi, Foad Dabiri, Shaun Ahmadian, Navid Amini, Majid Sarrafzadeh

GALS-HMP: A heterogeneous multiprocessor for embedded applications
Zoran Salcic, Avinash Malik

MultiMaKe: Chip-multiprocessor driven memory-aware kernel pipelining
Luis Angel D. Bathen, Yongjin Ahn, Sudeep Pasricha, Nikil D. Dutt

Implementation strategy for downgraded flash-memory storage devices
Jen-Wei Hsieh, Yuan-Hao Chang, Yuan-Sheng Chu

A HW/SW co-verification framework for SystemC
Paula Herber, Sabine Glesner

Hot-LSNs distributing wear-leveling algorithm for flash memory
Se Jin Kwon, Tae-Sun Chung

QUKU: A dual-layer reconfigurable architecture
Neil W. Bergmann, Sunil K. Shukla, Jürgen Becker

Timing effects of DDR memory systems in hard real-time multicore architectures: Issues and solutions
Marco Paolieri, Eduardo Quiñones, Francisco J. Cazorla

Fiat-shamir identification scheme immune to the hardware fault attacks
Sung-Kyoung Kim, Tae Hyun Kim, Seokhie Hong

Security challenges in embedded systems
Dimitrios N. Serpanos, Artemios G. Voyiatzis


Issue 2

Special issue on embedded systems for interactive multimedia services (ES-IMS)
Jongsung Kim, Javier A. Barria, Morris Chang, Victor C.M. Leung

Efficient localization scheme with ring overlapping by utilizing mobile anchors in wireless sensor networks
Yeong-Sheng Chen, Yun-Ju Ting, Chih-Heng Ke, Naveen Chilamkruti, Jong Hyuk Park

Data embedding in image-media using weight-function on modulo operations
Hung-Min Sun, Chi-Yao Weng, Shiuh-Jeng Wang, Cheng-Hsing Yang

Artistic image generation for emerging multimedia services by impressionist manner
Sanghyun Seo, Seungtaek Ryoo, Kyunghyun Yoon

ENFFiS: An enhanced NAND flash memory file system for mobile embedded multimedia system
Sang Oh Park, Sung Jo Kim

Thermal-aware task scheduling in 3D chip multiprocessor with real-time constrained workloads
Jiayin Li, Meikang Qiu, Jian-Wei Niu, Laurence T. Yang, Yongxin Zhu, Zhong Ming

Video search and indexing with reinforcement agent for interactive multimedia services
Anand Paul, Bo-Wei Chen, Karunanithi Bharanitharan, Jhing-Fa Wang

Physical activity recognition using multiple sensors embedded in a wearable device
Yunyoung Nam, Seungmin Rho, Chulung Lee

Data reorganization for scalable video service with embedded mobile devices
Seung-Ho Lim, Min Choi, Young Sik Jeong

Area-efficient convolutional deinterleaver for mobile TV receiver
Hyeong-Ju Kang, Heesuk Seo, Jin Kwak

Dependable management system for ubiquitous camera array service in an elder-care center
K. Bharanitharan, Jiun-Ren Ding, Anand Paul, Kuen-Ming Lee, Ting-Wei Hou

A RF4CE-based remote controller with interactive graphical user interface applied to home automation system
Chin-Feng Lai, Min Chen, Meikang Qiu, Athanasios V. Vasilakos, Jong Hyuk Park

Mobile query services in a participatory embedded sensing environment
Agustinus Borgy Waluyo, David Taniar, Bala Srinivasan, Wenny Rahayu


Issue 1

Introduction to the Special Issue on Modeling and Verification of Discrete Event Systems
Mohamed Khalgui, Zhiwu Li

Design of Liveness-Enforcing Supervisors for S3PR Based on Complementary Places
Shouguang Wang, Chengying Wang, Yanping Yu

Computation of Minimal Siphons in Petri Nets by Using Binary Decision Diagrams
Yufeng Chen, Gaiyun Liu

Design, Analysis and Verification of Real-Time Systems Based on Time Petri Net Refinement
Zhijun Ding, Changjun Jiang, Mengchu Zhou

Modeling and Analysis of TinyOS Sensor Node Firmware: A CSP Approach
Allan I. McInnes

Formal Validation of a Deterministic MAC Protocol
Karen Godary-Dejean, David Andreu

Reducing Interleaving Semantics Redundancy in Reachability Analysis of Time Petri Nets
Hanifa Boucheneb, Kamel Barkaoui

Sequence Control of Essential Siphons for Deadlock Prevention in Petri Nets
Zhiming Zhang, Weimin Wu

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Bottleneck Traveling Salesman Problem
Zakir Hussain Ahmed

One-Step Look-Ahead Maximally Permissive Deadlock Control of AMS by Using Petri Nets
Naiqi Wu, Mengchu Zhou, Gang Hu

Transition-Based Deadlock Detection and Recovery Policy for FMSs Using Graph Technique
Yi-Sheng Huang, Yen-Liang Pan, Pin-June Su

Fault Modeling in Discrete Event Systems Using Petri Nets
Payam Nazemzadeh, Abbas Dideban, Meisam Zareiee

Formalization of Measure Theory and Lebesgue Integration for Probabilistic Analysis in HOL
Tarek Mhamdi, Osman Hasan, Sofiène Tahar

Runtime Reconfigurations of Embedded Controllers
Mohamed Khalgui, Olfa Mosbahi, Zhiwu Li
The Full-text of this article has been withdrawn because the authors published a very similar article earlier

Formal Specification of Medical Systems by Proof-Based Refinement
Dominique Méry, Neeraj Kumar Singh

Combining Formal Methods for the Development of Reactive Systems
Olfa Mosbahi

Formal Verification of Downtimeless System Evolution in Embedded Automation Controllers
Christoph Sünder, Valeriy Vyatkin, Alois Zoitl

Distributed Reconfigurations of Autonomous IEC61499 Systems
Mohamed Khalgui


Volume 11


Issue 4

Introduction to special section ESTIMedia'09
Andy D. Pimentel, Naehyuck Chang, Mladen Berekovic

Variability-tolerant workload allocation for MPSoC energy minimization under real-time constraints
Francesco Paterna, Andrea Acquaviva, Francesco Papariello, Giuseppe Desoli, Luca Benini

A high-throughput pipelined parallel architecture for JPEG XR encoding
Hiroshi Tsutsui, Koichi Hattori, Hiroyuki Ochi, Yukihiro Nakamura

xTune: A formal methodology for cross-layer tuning of mobile embedded systems
Minyoung Kim, Mark-Oliver Stehr, Carolyn Talcott, Nikil Dutt, Nalini Venkatasubramanian

Introduction to special section SCPS'09
Robert Dick, Li Shang, Nikil Dutt

A passivity approach for model-based compositional design of networked control systems
Xenofon Koutsoukos, Nicholas Kottenstette, Joseph Hall, Emeka Eyisi, Heath Leblanc, Joseph Porter, Janos Sztipanovits

Control-theoretic cyber-physical system modeling and synthesis: A case study of an active direct methanol fuel cell
Donghwa Shin, Jaehyun Park, Younghyun Kim, Jaeam Seo, Naehyuck Chang

System-level approach to the design of a smart distributed surveillance system using systemj
Avinash Malik, Zoran Salcic, Christopher Chong, Salman Javed

Implementing constrained cyber-physical systems with IEC 61499
Li Hsien Yoong, Partha S. Roop, Zoran Salcic

A goal-oriented programming framework for grid sensor networks with reconfigurable embedded nodes
Varun Subramanian, Michael Gilberti, Alex Doboli, Dan Pescaru

Adaptive calibration for fusion-based cyber-physical systems
Rui Tan, Guoliang Xing, Xue Liu, Jianguo Yao, Zhaohui Yuan

Modeling towards incremental early analyzability of networked avionics systems using virtual integration
Min-Young Nam, Kyungtae Kang, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Kyung-Joon Park, Jung-Eun Kim, Lui Sha

Robust architectures for embedded wireless network control and actuation
Miroslav Pajic, Alexander Chernoguzov, Rahul Mangharam

Overload provisioning in mixed-criticality cyber-physical systems
Karthik Lakshmanan, Dionisio De Niz, Ragunathan (RAJ) Rajkumar, Gabriel Moreno

Conformance testing for cyber-physical systems
Matthias Woehrle, Kai Lampka, Lothar Thiele

Optimization of task allocation and priority assignment in hard real-time distributed systems
Qi Zhu, Haibo Zeng, Wei Zheng, Marco DI Natale, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Adaptive real-time scheduling for legacy multimedia applications
Tommaso Cucinotta, Fabio Checconi, Luca Abeni, Luigi Palopoli

Robust image processing for an omnidirectional camera-based smart car door
Christian Scharfenberger, Samarajiit Chakraborty, Georg Färber

Combining code reordering and cache configuration
Ann Gordon-Ross, Frank Vahid, Nikil Dutt

Enabling dynamic binary translation in embedded systems with scratchpad memory
José A. Baiocchi, Bruce R. Childers, Jack W. Davidson, Jason D. Hiser


Issue 3

Using Auxiliary Sensors for Pairwise Key Establishment in WSN
Qi Dong, Donggang Liu

INVISIOS: A Lightweight, Minimally Intrusive Secure Execution Environment
Divya Arora, Najwa Aaraj, Anand Raghunathan, Niraj K. Jha

Scheduling and Optimization of Fault-Tolerant Embedded Systems with Transparency/Performance Trade-Offs
Viacheslav Izosimov, Paul Pop, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng

Power Analysis Attack Resistance Engineering by Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling
Shengqi Yang, Pallav Gupta, Marilyn Wolf, Dimitrios Serpanos, Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Yuan Xie

On Heuristic Solutions to the Simple Offset Assignment Problem in Address-Code Optimization
Hesham Shokry, Hatem M. El-Boghdadi

Integrating Memory Optimization with Mapping Algorithms for Multi-Processors System-on-Chip
Bruno Girodias, Luiza Gheorghe Iugan, Youcef Bouchebaba, Gabriela Nicolescu, El Mostapha Abouhamid, Michel Langevin, Pierre Paulin

Sensor Node Localization with Uncontrolled Events
Ziguo Zhong, Tian He

Energy Conservation for Image Retrieval on Mobile Systems
Karthik Kumar, Yamini Nimmagadda, Yung-Hsiang Lu

Instant Multiunit Resource Hardware Deadlock Detection Scheme for System-on-Chips
Jaehwan John Lee, Xiang Xiao

Network-Level Power-Performance Trade-Off in Wearable Activity Recognition: A Dynamic Sensor Selection Approach
Piero Zappi, Daniel Roggen, Elisabetta Farella, Gerhard Tröster, Luca Benini

Randomized Instruction Injection to Counter Power Analysis Attacks
Jude A. Ambrose, Roshan G. Ragel, Sri Parameswaran


Volume 11, Issue S2 (Supplemental Issue, online only)

Editorial: Special Section on CAPA’09
Toomas P. Plaks

Parallel Reconfigurable Computing-Based Mapping Algorithm for Motion Estimation in Advanced Video Coding
Anand Paul, Yung-Chuan Jiang, Jhing-Fa Wang, Jar-Ferr Yang

RapidRadio: Signal Classification and Radio Deployment Framework
Jorge A. Surís, Adolfo Recio, Peter Athanas

Hierarchical Benchmark Circuit Generation for FPGA Architecture Evaluation
Cindy Mark, Scott Y. L. Chin, Lesley Shannon, Steven J. E. Wilton

RCML: An Environment for Estimation Modeling of Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Casey Reardon, Brian Holland, Alan D. George, Greg Stitt, Herman Lam

Architecture Optimization of Application-Specific Implicit Instructions
Andrea Di Biagio, Giovanni Agosta, Martino Sykora, Cristina Silvano

Editorial: Special Section on WHS’09
Ani Napapetian, William Kaiser, Majid Sarrafzadeh

Automatic Segmentation and Recognition in Body Sensor Networks Using a Hidden Markov Model
Eric Guenterberg, Hassan Ghasemzadeh, Roozbeh Jafari

Analyzing and Visualizing Jump Performance Using Wireless Body Sensors
Gaurav N. Pradhan, B. Prabhakaran

KNOWME: An Energy-Efficient Multimodal Body Area Network for Physical Activity Monitoring
Gautam Thatte, Ming Li, Sangwon Lee, Adar Emken, Shrikanth Narayanan, Urbashi Mitra, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Murali Annavaram

BAND-AiDe: A Tool for Cyber-Physical Oriented Analysis and Design of Body Area Networks and Devices
Ayan Banerjee, Sailesh Kandula, Tridib Mukherjee, Sandeep K. S. Gupta

Application-Focused Energy-Fidelity Scalability for Wireless Motion-Based Health Assessment
Mark A. Hanson, Harry C. Powell, Jr., Adam T. Barth, John Lach

Impact of Wireless Channel Temporal Variation on MAC Design for Body Area Networks
Athanassios Boulis, Yuriy Tselishchev, Lavy Libman, David Smith, Leif Hanlen

Editorial: Special Section VCPSS’09
Georgios Fainekos, Eric Goubault, Franjo Ivancic, Sriram Sankaranarayanan

Verification of Periodically Controlled Hybrid Systems: Application to an Autonomous Vehicle
Tichakorn Wongpiromsarn, Sayan Mitra, Andrew Lamperski, Richard M. Murray

Verification of Safety and Liveness Properties of Metric Transition Systems
Antoine Girard, Gang Zheng c

Quantitative Analysis of Systems Using Game-Theoretic Learning
Sanjit A. Seshia, Alexander Rakhlin

A Model Checking Based Approach to Bounding Worst-Case Execution Time for Multicore Processors
Lan Wu, Wei Zhang

A Unified Methodology for Scheduling in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
Qinghui Tang, Sandeep K. S. Gupta, Georgios Varsamopoulos

Time-Triggered Implementations of Dynamic Controllers
Truong Nghiem, George J. Pappas, Rajeev Alur, Antoine Girard


Volume 11, Issue 2

Abstracts of Papers to appear in Special Supplemental Issue of TECS (v11, iSupplemental1)
TECS Staff

PICA: Processor Idle Cycle Aggregation for Energy-Efficient Embedded Systems
Jongeun Lee, Aviral Shrivastava

Energy-Efficient Sensing with the Low Power, Energy Aware Processing (LEAP) Architecture
Dustin McIntire, Thanos Stathopoulos, Sasank Reddy, Thomas Schmidt, William J. Kaiser

Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration for Soft Real-Time Systems
Weixun Wang, Prabhat Mishra, Ann Gordon-Ross

A Variability-Aware Robust Design Space Exploration Methodology for On-Chip Multiprocessors Subject to Application-Specific Constraints
Gianluca Palermo, Cristina Silvano, Vittorio Zaccaria

Unequal Error Protection Based on DVFS for JSCD in Low-Power Portable Multimedia Systems
Yoon Seok Yang, Gwan Choi

An Efficient Finite Field Multiplier Using Redundant Representation
Ashkan Hosseinzadeh Namin, Huapeng Wu, Majid Ahmadi

Integrated Task and Interrupt Management for Real-Time Systems
Luis E. Leyva-del-Foyo, Pedro Mejia-Alvarez, Dionisio de Niz

On the Impact of Manufacturing Process Variations on the Lifetime of Sensor Networks
Siddharth Garg, Diana Marculescu

Generating Invariant-Based Certificates for Embedded Systems
Jan Olaf Blech, Michaël Périn

Predicting the Long-Term Behavior of a Micro-Solar Power System
Jaein Jeong, David Culle

Optimization of Shared High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing Resources
Melissa C. Smith, Gregory D. Peterson

EAVE: Error-Aware Video Encoding Supporting Extended Energy/QoS Trade-offs for Mobile Embedded Systems
Kyoungwoo Lee, Nikil Dutt, Nalini Venkatasubramanian

Automatic RTL Test Generation from SystemC TLM Specifications
Mingsong Chen, Prabhat Mishra, Dhrubajyoti Kalita


Volume 11, Issue S1 (Supplemental Issue, online only)

Introduction to the Special Section on ESTIMedia’08
Mladen Berekovic, Samarjit Chakraborty, Petru Eles, Andy D. Pimentel

Performance Analysis of Reconfigurations in Adaptive Real-Time Streaming Applications
Jun Zhu, Ingo Sander, Axel Jantsch

Parallelization of Belief Propagation on Cell Processors for Stereo Vision
Kun-Yuan Hsieh, Chi-Hua Lai, Shang-Hong Lai, Jenq Kuen Lee

Balancing Programmability and Silicon Efficiency of Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures
Andrei Terechko, Jan Hoogerbrugge, Ghiath Alkadi, Surendra Guntur, Anirban Lahiri, Marc Duranton, Clemens Wüst, Phillip Christie, Axel Nackaerts, Aatish Kumar

Error-Aware Algorithm/Architecture Coexploration for Video Over Wireless Applications
Amin Khajeh, Minyoung Kim, Nikil Dutt, Ahmed M. Eltawil, Fadi J. Kurdahi

Storage Optimization through Offset Assignment with Variable Coalescing
Hassan Salamy, J. Ramanujam

Introduction to the Special Section on SCOPES’09
Heiko Falk, Peter Marwedel

FlashLight: A Lightweight Flash File System for Embedded Systems
Jaegeuk Kim, Hyotaek Shim, Seon-Yeong Park, Seungryoul Maeng, Jin-Soo Kim

Integrated Code Generation for Loops
Mattias Eriksson, Christoph Kessler

Adaptive Source-Level Data Assignment to Dual Memory Banks
Alastair Murray, Björn Franke

SSI Properties Revisited
Benoit Boissinot, Philip Brisk, Alain Darte, Fabrice Rastello

Statistical Performance Modeling in Functional Instruction Set Simulators
Björn Franke

Computer-Aided Recoding to Create Structured and Analyzable System Models
Pramod Chandraiah, Rainer Dömer

Exploring and Predicting the Effects of Microarchitectural Parameters and Compiler Optimizations on Performance and Energy
Christophe Dubach, Timothy M. Jones, Michael F. P. O’Boyle


Volume 11, Issue 1

On the use of greedy shapers in real-time embedded systems
Ernesto Wandeler, Alexander Maxiaguine, Lothar Thiele

Exploiting media stream similarity for energy-efficient decoding and resource prediction
Juan Hamers, Lieven Eeckhout

Wireless sensor node localization by multisequence processing
Ziguo Zhong, Tian He

BeepBeep: A high-accuracy acoustic-based system for ranging and localization using COTS devices
Chunyi Peng, Guobin Shen, Yongguang Zhang

On-chip memory architecture exploration framework for DSP processor-based embedded system on chip
T.S. Rajesh Kumar, R. Govindarajan, C.P. Ravikumar

Poly-DWT: Polymorphic wavelet hardware support for dynamic image compression
Amit Pande, Joseph Zambreno

A reliable gateway for in-vehicle networks based on LIN, CAN, and FlexRay
Suk-Hyun Seo, Jin-Ho Kim, Sung-Ho Hwang, Key Ho Kwon, Jae Wook Jeon

Embedding formal performance analysis into the design cycle of MPSoCs for real-time streaming applications
Kai Huang, Wolfgang Haid, Iuliana Bacivarov, Matthias Keller, Lothar Thiele

An adaptive file-system-oriented FTL mechanism for flash-memory storage systems
Yuan-Hao Chang, Po-Liang Wu, Tei-Wei Kuo, Shih-Hao Hung

Secure reconfiguration of software-defined radio
Chunxiao Li, Niraj K. Jha, Anand Raghunathan


Volume 10


Volume 10, Issue 4

A Model-Driven Design Framework for Massively Parallel Embedded Systems
Abdoulaye Gamatié, Sébastien Le Beux, Éric Piel, Rabie Ben Atitallah, Anne Etien, Philippe Marquet, Jean-Luc Dekeyser

Demand Paging Techniques for Flash Memory Using Compiler Post-Pass Optimizations
Seungkyun Kim, Kiwon Kwon, Chihun Kim, Choonki Jang, Jaejin Lee, Sang Lyul Min

LARK: A Lightweight Authenticated ReKeying Scheme for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
Gianluca Dini, Ida M. Savino

A Hardware Abstraction Layer in Java
Martin Schoeberl, Stephan Korsholm, Tomas Kalibera, Anders P. Ravn

RAID 6 Hardware Acceleration
Michael Gilroy, James Irvine, Robert Atkinson

Compiler-Supported Thread Management for Multithreaded Network Processors
Xiaotong Zhuang, Santosh Pande

The ReNoC Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip: Architecture, Configuration Algorithms, and Evaluation
Matthias Bo Stuart, Mikkel Bystrup Stensgaard, Jens Sparsø

A Robust Mechanism for Adaptive Scheduling of Multimedia Applications
Tommaso Cucinotta, Luca Abeni, Luigi Palopoli, Giuseppe Lipari

Efficient Spilling Reduction for Software Pipelined Loops in Presence of Multiple Register Types in Embedded VLIW Processors
Sid-Ahmed-Ali Touati, Frederic Brault, Karine Deschinkel, Benoît Dupont de Dinechin

Adaptive and Radio-Agnostic QoS for Body Sensor Networks
Gang Zhou, Qiang Li, Jingyuan Li, Yafeng Wu, Shan Lin, Jian Lu, Chieh-Yih Wan, Mark D. Yarvis, John A. Stankovic


Volume 10, Issue 3

Application-specific service technologies for commodity operating systems in real-time environments
Richard West, Gabriel Parmer

Nonutilization bounds and feasible regions for arbitrary fixed-priority policies
Xue Liu, Tarek Abdelzaher

Efficient hardware-based nonintrusive dynamic application profiling
Ajay Nair, Karthik Shankar, Roman Lysecky

A framework for defending embedded systems against software attacks
Najwa Aaraj, Anand Raghunathan, Niraj K. Jha

Formal specification and analysis of zeroconf using uppaalS
Jasper Berendsen, Biniam Gebremichael, Frits W. Vaandrager, Miaomiao Zhang

Fast multidimension multichoice knapsack heuristic for MP-SoC runtime management
Ch. Ykman-Couvreur, V. Nollet, F. Catthoor, H. Corporaal

A hybrid hardware--software technique to improve reliability in embedded processors
Roshan G. Ragel, Sri Parameswaran

Evaluating address register assignment and offset assignment algorithms
Johnny Huynh, José Nelson Amaral, Paul Berube, Sid-Ahmed-Ali Touati

Closed-loop--based self-adaptive Hardware/Software-Embedded systems: Design methodology and smart cam case study
Jean-Philippe Diguet, Yvan Eustache, Guy Gogniat


Volume 10, Issue 2

Editorial: Model-driven embedded-system design
Twan Basten, Rolf Ernst

Synchronous dataflow scenarios
Marc Geilen

Buffer capacity computation for throughput-constrained modal task graphs
Maarten H. Wiggers, Marco J. G. Bekooij, Gerard J. M. Smit

Analysis of SystemC actor networks for efficient synthesis
Joachim Falk, Christian Zebelein, Joachim Keinert, Christian Haubelt, Juergen Teich, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya

Sysfier: Actor-based formal verification of SystemC
Niloofar Razavi, Razieh Behjati, Hamideh Sabouri, Ehsan Khamespanah, Amin Shali, Marjan Sirjani

Component-based modeling and verification of dynamic adaptation in safety-critical embedded systems
Rasmus Adler, Ina Schaefer, Mario Trapp, Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter

Managing embedded systems complexity with aspect-oriented model-driven engineering
Cormac Driver, Sean Reilly, Éamonn Linehan, Vinny Cahill, Siobhán Clarke

Real-time performance analysis of multiprocessor systems with shared memory
Simon Schliecker, Rolf Ernst

Dynamic alteration schemes of real-time schedules for I/O device energy efficiency
Euiseong Seo, Sangwon Kim, Seonyeong Park, Joonwon Lee

Boosting software fault injection for dependability analysis of real-time embedded applications
Gianpiero Cabodi, Marco Murciano, Massimo Violante

Parametric timing analysis and its application to dynamic voltage scaling
Sibin Mohan, Frank Mueller, Michael Root, William Hawkins, Christopher Healy, David Whalley, Emilio Vivancos

Reliability-aware dynamic energy management in dependable embedded real-time systems
Dakai Zhu

Tightening the bounds on feasible preemptions
Harini Ramaprasad, Frank Mueller

Scratchpad memory allocation for data aggregates via interval coloring in superperfect graphs
Lian Li, Jingling Xue, Jens Knoop


Volume 10, Issue 1

Introduction to special issue on Java technologies for real-time and embedded systems
M. Teresa Higuera-Toledano, Doug Locke, Angelo Corsaro

Measuring and policing blocking times in real-time systems
Osmar Marchi Dos Santos, Andy Wellings

A framework for flexible scheduling in the RTSJ
Alexandros Zerzelidis, Andy Wellings

Reflexes: Abstractions for integrating highly responsive tasks into Java applications
Jesper Honig Spring, Filip Pizlo, Jean Privat, Rachid Guerraoui, Jan Vitek

Efficient asynchronous event handling in the real-time specification for Java
Minseong Kim, Andy Wellings

Nonblocking real-time garbage collection
Martin Schoeberl, Wolfgang Puffitsch

No-Heap remote objects for distributed real-time Java
Pablo Basanta-Val, Marisol García-Valls, Iria Estévez-Ayres

Recovering from distributable thread failures in distributed real-time Java
Edward Curley, Binoy Ravindran, Jonathan Anderson, E. Douglas Jensen

A real-time Java chip-multiprocessor
Christof Pitter, Martin Schoeberl

Introduction to special issue on wireless health
William Kaiser, Majid Sarrafzadeh

MEDiSN: Medical emergency detection in sensor networks
Jeonggil Ko, Jong Hyun Lim, Yin Chen, Rvazvan Musvaloiu-E, Andreas Terzis, Gerald M. Masson, Tia Gao, Walt Destler, Leo Selavo, Richard P. Dutton

Formal specification of wireless and pervasive healthcare applications
Antonio Coronato, Giuseppe DE Pietro

MobiSense: Mobile body sensor network for ambulatory monitoring
Agustinus Borgy Waluyo, Wee-Soon Yeoh, Isaac Pek, Yihan Yong, Xiang Chen

Transmission power assignment with postural position inference for on-body wireless communication links
Muhannad Quwaider, Jayanthi Rao, Subir Biswas


Volume 9

Volume 9, Issue 4

High-performance operating system controlled online memory compression
Lei Yang, Robert P. Dick, Haris Lekatsas, Srimat Chakradhar

A self-adjusting flash translation layer for resource-limited embedded systems
Chin-Hsien Wu

GUSTO: An automatic generation and optimization tool for matrix inversion architectures
Ali Irturk, Bridget Benson, Shahnam Mirzaei, Ryan Kastner

Feasibility of semiring-based timing constraints
Yue Yu, Shangping Ren, Ophir Frieder

A polynomial algorithm for partitioning problems
Seyed-Abdoreza Tahaee, Amir Hossein Jahangir

An optimal warning-zone-length assignment algorithm for real-time and multiple-QoS on-chip bus arbitration
Huan-Kai Peng, Youn-Long Lin

Model checking of software for microcontrollers
Bastian Schlich

System/network design-space exploration based on TLM for networked embedded systems
Nicola Bombieri, Franco Fummi, Davide Quaglia

System and software architectures of distributed smart cameras
Chang Hong Lin, Marilyn Wolf, Xenefon Koutsoukos, Sandeep Neema, Janos Sztipanovits

A multifrequency MAC specially designed for wireless sensor network applications
Gang Zhou, Yafeng Wu, Ting Yan, Tian He, Chengdu Huang, John A. Stankovic, Tarek F. Abdelzaher

Superblock FTL: A superblock-based flash translation layer with a hybrid address translation scheme
Dawoon Jung, Jeong-UK Kang, Heeseung Jo, Jin-Soo Kim, Joonwon Lee

Link layer driver architecture for unified radio power management in wireless sensor networks
Kevin Klues, Guoliang Xing, Chenyang Lu

Interrupt handler migration and direct interrupt scheduling for rapid scheduling of interrupt-driven tasks
Jupyung Lee, Kyu Ho Park

Microsearch: A search engine for embedded devices used in pervasive computing
Chiu C. Tan, Bo Sheng, Haodong Wang, Qun Li


Volume 9, Issue 3

Coscheduling of processor voltage and control task period for energy-efficient control systems
Hyung Sun Lee, Byung Kook Kim

Cache partitioning for energy-efficient and interference-free embedded multitasking
Rakesh Reddy, Peter Petrov

Modeling and exploiting spatial locality trade-offs in wavelet-based applications under varying resource requirements
Bert Geelen, Vissarion Ferentinos, Francky Catthoor, Gauthier Lafruit, Diederik Verkest, Rudy Lauwereins, Thanos Stouraitis

Optimizing rapidIO architectures for onboard processing
David Bueno, Chris Conger, Alan D. George

A robust seamless communication architecture for next-generation mobile terminals on multi-CPU SoCs
Hiroaki Inoue, Junji Sakai, Masato Edahiro

Conserving energy in real-time storage systems with I/O burstiness
Adam Manzanares, Xiaojun Ruan, Shu Yin, Xiao Qin, Adam Roth, Mais Najim

Efficient off-board deployment and customization of virtual machine-based embedded systems
Alexandre Courbot, Gilles Grimaud, Jean-Jacques Vandewalle

Iterational retiming with partitioning: Loop scheduling with complete memory latency hiding
Chun Jason Xue, Jingtong Hu, Zili Shao, Edwin Sha

Lock-free synchronization for dynamic embedded real-time systems
Hyeonjoong Cho, Binoy Ravindran, E. Douglas Jensen

A cost-effective load-balancing policy for tile-based, massive multi-core packet processors
Enric Musoll

Hierarchical agent monitoring design approach towards self-aware parallel systems-on-chip
Liang Guang, Ethiopia Nigussie, Pekka Rantala, Jouni Isoaho, Hannu Tenhunen

Reliability through redundant parallelism for micro-satellite computing
Ian Vince McLoughlin, Timo Rolf Bretschneider

Online memory compression for embedded systems
Lei Yang, Robert P. Dick, Haris Lekatsas, Srimat Chakradhar

Multi-buffer manager: Energy-efficient buffer manager for databases on flash memory
Ulpian Cesana, Zhen He

GSFAP adaptive filtering using log arithmetic for resource-constrained embedded systems
Milan Tichy, Jan Schier, David Gregg


Volume 9, Issue 2

Guest editorial CAPA'08 Configurable computing: Configuring algorithms, processes, and architecture Issue II: Configuring hardware architecture
Dr. Toomas P. Plaks, Neil Bergmann, Bernard Pottier

REDEFINE: Runtime reconfigurable polymorphic ASIC
Mythri Alle, Keshavan Varadarajan, Alexander Fell, Ramesh Reddy C., Nimmy Joseph, Saptarsi Das, Prasenjit Biswas, Jugantor Chetia, Adarsh Rao, S. K. Nandy, Ranjani Narayan

FPGA placement using space-filling curves: Theory meets practice
Pritha Banerjee, Susmita Sur-Kolay, Arijit Bishnu, Sandip Das, Subhas C. Nandy, Subhasis Bhattacharjee

Power scalability in a mesh-connected reconfigurable architecture
Paul Beckett

Spin transfer torque (STT)-MRAM--based runtime reconfiguration FPGA circuit
Weisheng Zhao, Eric Belhaire, Claude Chappert, Pascale Mazoyer


Volume 9, Issue1

Guest editorial CAPA'08 configurable computing: Configuring algorithms, processes, and architecture issue I: Configuring algorithms and processes
Dr. Toomas P. Plaks, Neil Bergmann, Bernard Pottier

Reconfiguration of IIR filters in response to computer resource availability
B. H. Ferri, A. A. Ferri

A truly two-dimensional systolic array FPGA implementation of QR decomposition
Xiaojun Wang, Miriam Leeser

Application development with the FlexWAFE real-time stream processing architecture for FPGAs
Amilcar Do Carmo Lucas, Henning Sahlbach, Sean Whitty, Sven Heithecker, Rolf Ernst

An approximation algorithm for scheduling on heterogeneous reconfigurable resources
Ani Nahapetian, Philip Brisk, Soheil Ghiasi, Majid Sarrafzadeh

Slotless module-based reconfiguration of embedded FPGAs
C. Patterson, P. Athanas, M. Shelburne, J. Bowen, J. Surís, T. Dunham, J. Rice

A packet-switched network architecture for reconfigurable computing
Scott Lloyd, Quinn Snell

ReconOS: Multithreaded programming for reconfigurable computers
Enno Lübbers, Marco Platzner

Scalable FPGA-based architecture for DCT computation using dynamic partial reconfiguration
Jian Huang, Matthew Parris, Jooheung Lee, Ronald F. Demara


Volume 8

Volume 8, Issue 4

Editorial: Languages, compilers, and tools for embedded systems
Zhiyuan Li, Santosh Pande

Code transformation and instruction set extension
Alastair C. Murray, Richard V. Bennett, Björn Franke, Nigel Topham

Compiler-assisted soft error detection under performance and energy constraints in embedded systems
Jie Hu, Feihui Li, Vijay Degalahal, Mahmut Kandemir, N. Vijaykrishnan, Mary J. Irwin

An efficient placement and routing technique for fault-tolerant distributed embedded computing
Roozbeh Jafari, Hassan Ghasemzadeh, Foad Dabiri, Ani Nahapetian, Majid Sarrafzadeh

Classes and inheritance in actor-oriented design
Edward A. Lee, Xiaojun Liu, Stephen Neuendorffer

SystemC/C-based model-driven design for embedded systems
Elvinia Riccobene, Patrizia Scandurra, Sara Bocchio, Alberto Rosti, Luigi Lavazza, Luigi Mantellini

Minimizing CPU energy in real-time systems with discrete speed management
Enrico Bini, Giorgio Buttazzo, Giuseppe Lipari

Functional test generation using design and property decomposition techniques
Heon-Mo Koo, Prabhat Mishra


Volume 8, Issue 3

Reducing memory requirements of resource-constrained applications
P. Unnikrishnan, G. Chen, M. Kandemir, M. Karakoy, I. Kolcu
Analytic modeling of network processors for parallel workload mapping
Ning Weng, Tilman Wolf
A fast scalable automaton-matching accelerator for embedded content processors
Kuo-Kun Tseng, Yuan-Cheng Lai, Ying-Dar Lin, Tsern-Huei Lee
Hybrid-compiled simulation: An efficient technique for instruction-set architecture simulation
Mehrdad Reshadi, Prabhat Mishra, Nikil Dutt
Memory allocation for embedded systems with a compile-time-unknown scratch-pad size
Nghi Nguyen, Angel Dominguez, Rajeev Barua
Design and implementation of a MicroBlaze-based warp processor
Roman Lysecky, Frank Vahid
MEMMU: Memory expansion for MMU-less embedded systems
Lan S. Bai, Lei Yang, Robert P. Dick
A novel software framework for embedded multiprocessor smart cameras
Andreas Doblander, Andreas Zoufal, Bernhard Rinner


Volume 8, Issue 2

Energy-efficient encoding techniques for off-chip data buses
Dinesh C. Suresh, Banit Agrawal, Jun Yang, Walid Najjar
On the exploitation of loop-level parallelism in embedded applications
Arun Kejariwal, Alexander V. Veidenbaum, Alexandru Nicolau, Milind Girkar, Xinmin Tian, Hideki Saito
Throughput-driven synthesis of embedded software for pipelined execution on multicore architectures
Matin Hashemi, Soheil Ghiasi
A comparison of software platforms for wireless sensor networks: MANTIS, TinyOS, and ZigBee
Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Mozumdar, Luciano Lavagno, Laura Vanzago
Modeling and analysis of core-centric network processors
Yi-Neng Lin, Ying-Dar Lin, Kuo-Kun Tseng, Yuan-Cheng Lai
Cross-layer customization for rapid and low-cost task preemption in multitasked embedded systems
Xiangrong Zhou, Peter Petrov
Low-latency time-portable real-time programming with Exotasks
Joshua Auerbach, David F. Bacon, Daniel Iercan, Christoph M. Kirsch, V. T. Rajan, Harald Röck, Rainer Trummer
Register coalescing techniques for heterogeneous register architecture with copy sifting
Minwook Ahn, Yunheung Paek


Volume 8, Issue 1

FIDES: An advanced chip multiprocessor platform for secure next generation mobile terminals
Hiroaki Inoue, Junji Sakai, Sunao Torii, Masato Edahiro
Attack-tolerant localization via iterative verification of locations in sensor networks
Taejoon Park, Kang G. Shin
Verifying average dwell time of hybrid systems
Sayan Mitra, Daniel Liberzon, Nancy Lynch
Quantitative analysis of the speed/accuracy trade-off in transaction level modeling
Gunar Schirner, Rainer Dömer
Direct address translation for virtual memory in energy-efficient embedded systems
Xiangrong Zhou, Peter Petrov
Quasistatic shared libraries and XIP for memory footprint reduction in MMU-less embedded systems
Jiyong Park, Jaesoo Lee, Saehwa Kim, Seongsoo Hong
Analyzing the worst-case execution time for instruction caches with prefetching
Jun Yan, Wei Zhang
Analysis and design of a hardware/software trusted platform module for embedded systems
Najwa Aaraj, Anand Raghunathan, Niraj K. Jha


Volume 7

Volume 7, Issue 4 (July 2008)

Editorial: Embedded systems—new challenges and future directions
Fabiano Hessell, Kenneth Kent, Dionisios Pnevmatikatos

A reconfigurable FTL (flash translation layer) architecture for NAND flash-based applications
Chanik Park, Wonmoon Cheon, Jeonguk Kang, Kangho Roh, Wonhee Cho, Jin-Soo Kim

Platform-based software design flow for heterogeneous MPSoC
Katalin Popovici, Xavier Guerin, Frederic Rousseau, Pier Stanislao Paolucci, Ahmed Amine Jerraya

Prefabrication and postfabrication architecture exploration for partially reconfigurable VLIW processors
A. Chattopadhyay, H. Ishebabi, X. Chen, Z. Rakosi, K. Karuri, D. Kammler, R. Leupers, G. Ascheid, H. Meyr

Modeling and analysis of core-centric network processors
Yi-Neng Lin, Ying-Dar Lin, Yuan-Cheng Lai, Kuo-Kun Tseng

From the prototype to the final embedded system using the Ocarina AADL tool suite
Jerome Hugues Get, Bechir Zalila Get, Laurent Pautet Get, Fabrice Kordon

Composing heterogeneous reactive systems
Albert Benveniste, Benoît Caillaud, Luca P. Carloni, Paul Caspi, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

EM analysis of a wireless Java-based PDA
Catherine H. Gebotys, Brian A. White

Implementing fault-tolerance in real-time programs by automatic program transformations
Tolga Ayav, Pascal Fradet, Alain Girault

MTSS: Multitask stack sharing for embedded systems
Bhuvan Middha, Matthew Simpson, Rajeev Barua


Volume 7, Issue 3 (April 2008)

Buffer optimization in multitask implementations of Simulink models
Marco Di Natale, Valerio Pappalardo

Improving SDRAM access energy efficiency for low-power embedded systems
Jelena Trajkovic, Alexander V. Veidenbaum, Arun Kejariwal

Accurate and fast system-level power modeling: An XScale-based case study
Ankush Varma, Eric Debes, Igor Kozintsev, Paul Klein, Bruce Jacob

Compile-time and instruction-set methods for improving floating- to fixed-point conversion accuracy
Tor M. Aamodt, Paul Chow

An energy-aware framework for dynamic software management in mobile computing systems
Yunsi Fei, Lin Zhong, Niraj K. Jha

System-wide energy minimization for real-time tasks: Lower bound and approximation
Xiliang Zhong, Cheng-Zhong Xu

Causality interfaces for actor networks
Ye Zhou, Edward A. Lee

Compositional real-time scheduling framework with periodic model
Insik Shin, Insup Lee

The security of the Fiat--Shamir scheme in the presence of transient hardware faults
Artemios G. Voyiatzis, Dimitrios N. Serpanos

NWSLite: A general-purpose, nonparametric prediction utility for embedded systems
Selim Gurun, Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski

Design and optimization of distributed sensing coverage in wireless sensor networks
Ting Yan, Yu Gu, Tian He, John A. Stankovic

A stochastic bitwidth estimation technique for compact and low-power custom processors
Emre Özer, Andy P. Nisbet, David Gregg

Code compression for performance enhancement of variable-length embedded processors
Rajeev Kumar, Dipankar Das

The worst-case execution-time problem—overview of methods and survey of tools
Reinhard Wilhelm, Jakob Engblom, Andreas Ermedahl, Niklas Holsti, Stephan Thesing, David Whalley, Guillem Bernat, Christian Ferdinand, Reinhold Heckmann, Tulika Mitra, Frank Mueller, Isabelle Puaut, Peter Puschner, Jan Staschulat, Per Stenström


Volume 7, Issue 2 (February 2008)

Introduction to embedded systems week 2006 special issue
Soonhoi Ha, Kiyoung Choi, Taewhan Kim, Krisztian Flautner, Sanglyul Min, Wang Yi
Energy-aware cosynthesis of real-time multimedia applications on MPSoCs using heterogeneous scheduling policies
Minyoung Kim, Sudarshan Banerjee, Nikil Dutt, Nalini Venkatasubramanian
Application-specific workload shaping in multimedia-enabled personal mobile devices
Balaji Raman, Samarjit Chakraborty
Dynamic scratchpad memory management for code in portable systems with an MMU
Bernhard Egger, Jaejin Lee, Heonshik Shin
Minimal placement of bank selection instructions for partitioned memory architectures
Bernhard Scholz, Bernd Burgstaller, Jingling Xue
Shared heap management for memory-limited java virtual machines
Yoonseo Choi, Hwansoo Han
A unified hardware/software runtime environment for FPGA-based reconfigurable computers using BORPH
Hayden Kwok-Hay So, Robert Brodersen
Semantics-preserving multitask implementation of synchronous programs
Paul Caspi, Norman Scaife, Christos Sofronis, Stavros Tripakis
High-performance packet classification algorithm for multithreaded IXP network processor
Duo Liu, Zheng Chen, Bei Hua, Nenghai Yu, Xinan Tang
Energy-efficient dynamic task scheduling algorithms for DVS systems
Jianli Zhuo, Chaitali Chakrabarti
A design framework for real-time embedded systems with code size and energy constraints
Sheayun Lee, Insik Shin, Woonseok Kim, Insup Lee, Sang Lyul Min
Task mapping and priority assignment for soft real-time applications under deadline miss ratio constraints
Sorin Manolache, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
Secure routing based on distributed key sharing in large-scale sensor networks
Taejoon Park, Kang G. Shin
Deep network packet filter design for reconfigurable devices
Young H. Cho, William H. Mangione-Smith
Fast exploration of bus-based communication architectures at the CCATB abstraction
Sudeep Pasricha, Nikil Dutt, Mohamed Ben-Romdhane


Volume 7 , Issue 1 (December 2007)
RapidIO for radar processing in advanced space systems
David Bueno, Chris Conger, Alan D. George, Ian Troxel, Adam Leko
Energy-optimizing source code transformations for operating system-driven embedded software
Yunsi Fei, Srivaths Ravi, Anand Raghunathan, Niraj K. Jha
Exploiting synchronous and asynchronous DVS for feedback EDF scheduling on an embedded platform
Yifan Zhu, Frank Mueller
Data cache locking for tight timing calculations
Xavier Vera, Björn Lisper, Jingling Xue
A real-time Java virtual machine with applications in avionics
Austin Armbruster, Jason Baker, Antonio Cunei, Chapman Flack, David Holmes, Filip Pizlo, Edward Pla, Marek Prochazka, Jan Vitek
Uniprocessor scheduling under precedence constraints for embedded systems design
Leonardo Mangeruca, Massimo Baleani, Alberto Ferrari, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
Interactive schedulability analysis
Unmesh D. Bordoloi, Samarjit Chakraborty


Volume 6
Volume 6 , Issue 4 (September 2007) Special Section LCTES'05
Introduction to the special LCTES'05 issue
Rajiv Gupta, Yunheung Paek
Software design patterns for TinyOS
David Gay, Philip Levis, David Culler
Automated reduction of the memory footprint of the Linux kernel
Dominique Chanet, Bjorn De Sutter, Bruno De Bus, Ludo Van Put, Koen De Bosschere
Static strands: Safely exposing dependence chains for increasing embedded power efficiency
Peter G. Sassone, D. Scott Wills, Gabriel H. Loh
Scalable precision cache analysis for real-time software
Jan Staschulat, Rolf Ernst
Accurate and fast system-level power modeling: An XScale-based case study
Ankush Varma, Bruce Jacob, Eric Debes, Igor Kozintsev, Paul Klein
A control theoretic approach to energy-efficient pipelined computation in MPSoCs
Salvatore Carta, Andrea Alimonda, Alessandro Pisano, Andrea Acquaviva, Luca Benini
Robust implicit EDF: A wireless MAC protocol for collaborative real-time systems
Tanya L. Crenshaw, Spencer Hoke, Ajay Tirumala, Marco Caccamo
Energy efficient DVS schedule for fixed-priority real-time systems
Gang Quan, Xiaobo Sharon Hu
Energy optimal speed control of a producer--consumer device pair
Ravishankar Rao, Sarma Vrudhula
Power macromodeling of MPSoC message passing primitives
Mirko Loghi, Luca Benini, Massimo Poncino
Power management in energy harvesting sensor networks
Aman Kansal, Jason Hsu, Sadaf Zahedi, Mani B. Srivastava
Volume 6 , Issue 3 (July 2007)
Probabilistic design of multimedia embedded systems
Shaoxiong Hua, Gang Qu, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya
Techniques for maintaining connectivity in wireless ad-hoc networks under energy constraints
Farinaz Koushanfar, Abhijit Davare, David T. Nguyen, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Miodrag Potkonjak
Hardware/software IP integration using the ROSES design environment
Flávio R. Wagner, Wander Cesário, Ahmed A. Jerraya
A log buffer-based flash translation layer using fully-associative sector translation
Sang-Won Lee, Dong-Joo Park, Tae-Sun Chung, Dong-Ho Lee, Sangwon Park, Ha-Joo Song
An efficient B-tree layer implementation for flash-memory storage systems
Chin-Hsien Wu, Tei-Wei Kuo, Li Ping Chang
Improving security for periodic tasks in embedded systems through scheduling
Tao Xie, Xiao Qin
Volume 6 , Issue 2 (May 2007) SPECIAL ISSUE SCOPES 2005
Guest editorial: Introduction to the special issue on software and compilers for embedded systems
Henk Schepers
Selective code transformation for dual instruction set processors
Sheayun Lee, Jaejin Lee, Chang Yun Park, Sang Lyul Min
Reducing branch predictor leakage energy by exploiting loops
Wei Zhang, Bramha Allu
ASIP architecture exploration for efficient IPSec encryption: A case study
Hanno Scharwaechter, David Kammler, Andreas Wieferink, Manuel Hohenauer, Kingshuk Karuri, Jianjiang Ceng, Rainer Leupers, Gerd Ascheid, Heinrich Meyr
Classifying interprocess communication in process network representation of nested-loop programs
Alexandru Turjan, Bart Kienhuis, Ed Deprettere
Beyond single-appearance schedules: Efficient DSP software synthesis using nested procedure calls
Ming-Yung Ko, Praveen K. Murthy, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya


Volume 6 , Issue 1 (February 2007)
SECTION: 1 - Special Section
Guest Editorial
David Whalley
Efficient software implementation of embedded communication protocol controllers using asynchronous software thread integration with time- and space-efficient procedure calls
Nagendra J. Kumar, Vasanth Asokan, Siddhartha Shivshankar, Alexander G. Dean
Power-efficient prefetching for embedded processors
Xiaotong Zhuang, Santosh Pande
The XTREM power and performance simulator for the Intel XScale core: Design and experiences
Gilberto Contreras, Margaret Martonosi, Jinzhang Peng, Guei-Yuan Lueh, Roy Ju
Link-time compaction and optimization of ARM executables
Bjorn De Sutter, Ludo Van Put, Dominique Chanet, Bruno De Bus, Koen De Bosschere


SECTION: 1 - Regular Papers
The Molen compiler for reconfigurable processors
Elena Moscu Panainte, Koen Bertels, Stamatis Vassiliadis
Timing analysis for preemptive multitasking real-time systems with caches
Yudong Tan, Vincent Mooney
Safety verification of hybrid systems by constraint propagation-based abstraction refinement
Stefan Ratschan, Zhikun She


Volume 5

Volume 5 , Issue 4 (November 2006)
Memory overflow protection for embedded systems using run-time checks, reuse, and compression
Surupa Biswas, Thomas Carley, Matthew Simpson, Bhuvan Middha, Rajeev Barua
Hardware support for detecting illegal references in a multiapplication real-time Java environment
M. Teresa Higuera-Toledano
A transformational perspective into the core of an abstract class loader for the SSP
Victor L. Winter, Jason Beranek, Fares Fraij, Steve Roach, Greg Wickstrom
VISTA: VPO interactive system for tuning applications
Prasad Kulkarni, Wankang Zhao, Stephen Hines, David Whalley, Xin Yuan, Robert van Engelen, Kyle Gallivan, Jason Hiser, Jack Davidson, Baosheng Cai, Mark Bailey, Hwashin Moon, Kyunghwan Cho, Yunheung Paek
Offset assignment using simultaneous variable coalescing
Desiree Ottoni, Guilherme Ottoni, Guido Araujo, Rainer Leupers


Volume 5 , Issue 3 (August 2006)
Energy-efficient, utility accrual scheduling under resource constraints for mobile embedded systems
Haisang Wu, Binoy Ravindran, E. Douglas Jensen, Peng Li
EnviroSuite: An environmentally immersive programming framework for sensor networks
Liqian Luo, Tarek F. Abdelzaher, Tian He, John A. Stankovic
A split-mask countermeasure for low-energy secure embedded systems
Catherine H. Gebotys
Parallelizing load/stores on dual-bank memory embedded processors
Xiaotong Zhuang, Santosh Pande
Reducing power while increasing performance with supercisc
Alex K. Jones, Raymond Hoare, Dara Kusic, Gayatri Mehta, Josh Fazekas, John Foster
Automatic rate desynchronization of embedded reactive programs
Alain Girault, Xavier Nicollin, Marc Pouzet


Volume 5 , Issue 2 (May 2006)
Guest editorial: Concurrent hardware and software design for multiprocessor SoC
Ahmed Jerraya, Trevor Mudge
A design methodology for application-specific networks-on-chip
Jiang Xu, Wayne Wolf, Joerg Henkel, Srimat Chakradhar
UML-based multiprocessor SoC design framework
Tero Kangas, Petri Kukkala, Heikki Orsila, Erno Salminen, Marko Hännikäinen, Timo D. Hämäläinen, Jouni Riihimäki, Kimmo Kuusilinna
Energy-efficient embedded software implementation on multiprocessor system-on-chip with multiple voltages
Shaoxiong Hua, Gang Qu, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya
Scheduling refinement in abstract RTOS models
Fabiano Hessel, Vitor M. Da Rosa, Carlos Eduardo Reif, César Marcon, Tatiana Gadelha Serra Dos Santos
Design space exploration using arithmetic-level hardware--software cosimulation for configurable multiprocessor platforms
Jingzhao Ou, Viktor K. Prasanna
Cache coherence tradeoffs in shared-memory MPSoCs
Mirko Loghi, Massimo Poncino, Luca Benini
A new efficient EDA tool design methodology
James Lapalme, El Mostapha Aboulhamid, Gabriela Nicolescu
A retargetable framework for instruction-set architecture simulation
Mehrdad Reshadi, Nikil Dutt, Prabhat Mishra
Evaluating Network Processors using NetBench
Gokhan Memik, William H. Mangione-Smith
Dynamic allocation for scratch-pad memory using compile-time decisions
Sumesh Udayakumaran, Angel Dominguez, Rajeev Barua


Volume 5 , Issue 1 (February 2006)
Reducing dynamic and leakage energy in VLIW architectures
W. Zhang, Y.-F. Tsai, D. Duarte, N. Vijaykrishnan, M. Kandemir, M. J. Irwin
A formal method for hardware IP design and integration under I/O and timing constraints
Philippe Coussy, Emmanuel Casseau, Pierre Bomel, Adel Baganne, Eric Martin
Dual Flow Nets: Modeling the control/data-flow relation in embedded systems
Mauricio Varea, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, Luis A. CortéS, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
Collaborative operating system and compiler power management for real-time applications
Nevine AbouGhazaleh, Daniel Mossé, Bruce R. Childers, Rami Melhem
Software thread integration for embedded system display applications
Alexander G. Dean
Predicate abstraction for reachability analysis of hybrid systems
Rajeev Alur, Thao Dang, Franjo Ivancic
FAST: Frequency-aware static timing analysis
Kiran Seth, Aravindh Anantaraman, Frank Mueller, Eric Rotenberg
Reducing code size through address register assignment
G. Chen, M. Kandemir, M. J. Irwin, J. Ramanujam


Volume 4
Volume 4 , Issue 4 (November 2005)
Rajeev Alur, Insup Lee
Loops in esterel
Olivier Tardieu, Robert de Simone
Eliminating stack overflow by abstract interpretation
John Regehr, Alastair Reid, Kirk Webb
Translating discrete-time simulink to lustre
Stavros Tripakis, Christos Sofronis, Paul Caspi, Adrian Curic
Compiler-directed high-level energy estimation and optimization
I. Kadayif, M. Kandemir, G. Chen, N. Vijaykrishnan, M. J. Irwin, A. Sivasubramaniam
Analyzing data reuse for cache reconfiguration
J. Hu, M. Kandemir, N. Vijaykrishnan, M. J. Irwin
Range-free localization and its impact on large scale sensor networks
Tian He, Chengdu Huang, Brian M. Blum, John A. Stankovic, Tarek F. Abdelzaher
Shortest-path algorithms for real-time scheduling of FIFO tasks with minimal energy use
Bruno Gaujal, Nicolas Navet, Cormac Walsh
Optimizing instruction cache performance of embedded systems
S. Bartolini, C. A. Prete


Volume 4 , Issue 3 (August 2005)
Alan Burns
An overview of embedded system design education at berkeley
Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alessandro Pinto
Undergraduate embedded system education at Carnegie Mellon
Philip Koopman, Howie Choset, Rajeev Gandhi, Bruce Krogh, Diana Marculescu, Priya Narasimhan, Joann M. Paul, Ragunathan Rajkumar, Daniel Siewiorek, Asim Smailagic, Peter Steenkiste, Donald E. Thomas, Chenxi Wang
Skiing the embedded systems mountain
Ingrid Verbauwhede, Patrick Schaumont
Introducing embedded software and systems education and advanced learning technology in an engineering curriculum
Janos Sztipanovits, Gautam Biswas, Ken Frampton, Aniruddha Gokhale, Larry Howard, Gabor Karsai, T. John Koo, Xenofon Koutsoukos, Douglas C. Schmidt
A curriculum for embedded system engineering
Rudolph E. Seviora
Guidelines for a graduate curriculum on embedded software and systems
P. Caspi, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, L. Almeida, A. Benveniste, B. Bouyssounouse, G. Buttazzo, I. Crnkovic, W. Damm, J. Engblom, G. Folher, M. Garcia-Valls, H. Kopetz, Y. Lakhnech, F. Laroussinie, L. Lavagno, G. Lipari, F. Maraninchi, Ph. Peti, J. de la Puente, N. Scaife, J. Sifakis, R. de Simone, M. Torngren, P. Veríssimo, A. J. Wellings, R. Wilhelm, T. Willemse, W. Yi
The embedded software consortium of taiwan
Tai-Yi Huang, Chung-Ta King, Youn-Long Steve Lin, Yin-Tsung Hwang
What is embedded systems and how should it be taught?---results from a didactic analysis
Martin Grimheden, Martin Törngren
Reducing data cache leakage energy using a compiler-based approach
Wei Zhang, Mahmut Kandemir, Mustafa Karakoy, Guangyu Chen
Dynamic delay-constrained minimum-energy dissemination in wireless sensor networks
Hyung Seok Kim, Tarek F. Abdelzaher, Wook Hyun Kwon


Volume 4 , Issue 2 (May 2005)
Guest editorial: Special issue on models and methodologies for co-design of embedded systems
Sandeep K. Shukla, Jean-Pierre Talpin
Verification of safety properties for parameterized regular systems
David Cachera, Katell Morin-Allory
PLTL-partitioned model checking for reactive systems under fairness assumptions
S. Chouali, J. Julliand, P.-A. Masson, F. Bellegarde
Converging CSP specifications and C++ programming via selective formalism
William B. Gardner
Combining supervisor synthesis and model checking
Roberto Ziller, Klaus Schneider
A highly configurable cache for low energy embedded systems
Chuanjun Zhang, Frank Vahid, Walid Najjar
Data space-oriented tiling for enhancing locality
I. Kadayif, M. Kandemir
Instantaneous current modeling in a complex VLIW processor core
Radu Muresan, Catherine Gebotys
A reprogrammable customization framework for efficient branch resolution in embedded processors
Peter Petrov, Alex Orailoglu


Volume 4 , Issue 1 (February 2005)
Introduction to the special issue
Frank Mueller, Per Stenström
Dynamic coalescing for 16-bit instructions
Arvind Krishnaswamy, Rajiv Gupta
The implementation and evaluation of dynamic code decompression using DISE
Marc L. Corliss, E. Christopher Lewis, Amir Roth
Memory safety without garbage collection for embedded applications
Dinakar Dhurjati, Sumant Kowshik, Vikram Adve, Chris Lattner
Schedulability-driven frame packing for multicluster distributed embedded systems
Paul Pop, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
Pruning-based, energy-optimal, deterministic I/O device scheduling for hard real-time systems
Vishnu Swaminathan, Krishnendu Chakrabarty
Synthesis of application-specific highly efficient multi-mode cores for embedded systems
Lih-yih Chiou, Swarup Bhunia, Kaushik Roy
SAFE-OPS: An approach to embedded software security
Joseph Zambreno, Alok Choudhary, Rahul Simha, Bhagi Narahari, Nasir Memon
Optimal voltage allocation techniques for dynamically variable voltage processors
Woo-Cheol Kwon, Taewhan Kim
Energy macromodeling of embedded operating systems
T. K. Tan, A. Raghunathan, N. K. Jha


Volume 3
Volume 3 , Issue 4 (November 2004)
Modeling and optimizing run-time reconfiguration using evolutionary computation
J. Harkin, T. M. McGinnity, L. P. Maguire
Dynamic voltage scheduling with buffers in low-power multimedia applications
Chaeseok Im, Soonhoi Ha, Huiseok Kim
Schedulability analysis of applications with stochastic task execution times
Sorin Manolache, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
Evaluation of hardware and software schedulers for embedded switches
Dimitrios N. Serpanos, Poluxeni Mountrouidou, Maria Gamvrili
Information flow in hybrid systems
Ruggero Lanotte, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini, Simone Tini
Multilevel μTESLA: Broadcast authentication for distributed sensor networks
Donggang Liu, Peng Ning
Real-time garbage collection for flash-memory storage systems of real-time embedded systems
Li-Pin Chang, Tei-Wei Kuo, Shi-Wu Lo


Volume 3 , Issue 3 (August 2004)
Guest editorial: Special issue on embedded systems and security
Dimitrios N. Serpanos, Haris Lekatsas
Security in embedded systems: Design challenges
Srivaths Ravi, Anand Raghunathan, Paul Kocher, Sunil Hattangady
Statistics and secret leakage
Jean-Sebastien Coron, David Naccache, Paul Kocher
Elliptic and hyperelliptic curves on embedded μP
Thomas Wollinger, Jan Pelzl, Volker Wittelsberger, Christof Paar, Gökay Saldamli, Çetin K. Koç
Security on FPGAs: State-of-the-art implementations and attacks
Thomas Wollinger, Jorge Guajardo, Christof Paar
Efficient digit-serial normal basis multipliers over binary extension fields
Arash Reyhani-Masoleh, M. Anwar Hasan
Towards fault-tolerant cryptographic computations over finite fields
Arash Reyhani-Masoleh, M. Anwar Hasan
A fast string-matching algorithm for network processor-based intrusion detection system
Rong-Tai Liu, Nen-Fu Huang, Chih-Hao Chen, Chia-Nan Kao
LiSP: A lightweight security protocol for wireless sensor networks
Taejoon Park, Kang G. Shin


Volume 3 , Issue 2 (May 2004)
Editorial: Special issue on dynamically adaptable embedded systems
John Lach, Kia Bazargan
An optimal algorithm for minimizing run-time reconfiguration delay
Soheil Ghiasi, Ani Nahapetian, Majid Sarrafzadeh
A design flow for partially reconfigurable hardware
Ian Robertson, James Irvine
Adaptive scheduling server for power-aware real-time tasks
Pedro Mejia-Alvarez, Eugene Levner, Daniel Mossé
Blocking-aware processor voltage scheduling for real-time tasks
Fan Zhang, Samuel T. Chanson
Dynamic adaptation for fault tolerance and power management in embedded real-time systems
Ying Zhang, Krishnendu Chakrabarty
The design of dynamically reconfigurable datapath coprocessors
Zhining Huang, Sharad Malik, Nahri Moreano, Guido Araujo
Multitasking on reconfigurable architectures: microarchitecture support and dynamic scheduling
Juanjo Noguera, Rosa M. Badia
A self-tuning cache architecture for embedded systems
Chuanjun Zhang, Frank Vahid, Roman Lysecky
AIDA: Adaptive application-independent data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
Tian He, Brian M. Blum, John A. Stankovic, Tarek Abdelzaher


Volume 3 , Issue 1 (February 2004)
Guest editorial: Special issue on networked embedded systems
Rajesh Gupta
Energy efficient wireless packet scheduling and fair queuing
Vijay Raghunathan, Saurabh Ganeriwal, Mani Srivastava, Curt Schurgers
Self-configuring localization systems: Design and Experimental Evaluation
Nirupama Bulusu, John Heidemann, Deborah Estrin, Tommy Tran
Sensor deployment and target localization in distributed sensor networks
Yi Zou, Krishnendu Chakrabarty
Design of secure cryptography against the threat of power-attacks in DSP-embedded processors
Catherine H. Gebotys
Modeling and validation of pipeline specifications
Prabhat Mishra, Nikil Dutt
Processor-memory coexploration using an architecture description language
Prabhat Mishra, Mahesh Mamidipaka, Nikil Dutt
Compiling with code-size constraints
Mayur Naik, Jens Palsberg
Iterative schedule optimization for voltage scalable distributed embedded systems
Marcus T. Schmitz, Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, Petru Eles
Energy savings and speedups from partitioning critical software loops to hardware in embedded systems
Greg Stitt, Frank Vahid, Shawn Nematbakhsh


Volume 2

Volume 2 , Issue 4 (November 2003)
Tiny instruction caches for low power embedded systems
Ann Gordon-Ross, Susan Cotterell, Frank Vahid
Compressing MIPS code by multiple operand dependencies
Kelvin Lin, Chung-Ping Chung, Jean Jyh-Jiun Shann
Speculating to reduce unnecessary power consumption
Enric Musoll
Maximizing rewards for real-time applications with energy constraints
Cosmin Rusu, Rami Melhem, Daniel Mossé
Automatic compilation to a coarse-grained reconfigurable system-opn-chip
Girish Venkataramani, Walid Najjar, Fadi Kurdahi, Nader Bagherzadeh, Wim Bohm, Jeff Hammes
Code size reduction technique and implementation for software-pipelined DSP applications
Qingfeng Zhuge, Bin Xiao, Edwin H.-M. Sha


Volume 2 , Issue 3 (August 2003)
Special issue on power-aware embedded computing
Margarida Jacome, Francky Catthoor
A case study of a system-level approach to power-aware computing
Thomas L. Martin, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Asim Smailagic, Matthew Bosworth, Matthew Ettus, Jolin Warren
Energy management for battery-powered embedded systems
Daler Rakhmatov, Sarma Vrudhula
Online strategies for dynamic power management in systems with multiple power-saving states
Sandy Irani, Sandeep Shukla, Rajesh Gupta
Adaptive mode control: A static-power-efficient cache design
Huiyang Zhou, Mark C. Toburen, Eric Rotenberg, Thomas M. Conte
Cool-Cache: A compiler-enabled energy efficient data caching framework for embedded/multimedia processors
Osman S. Unsal, Raksit Ashok, Israel Koren, C. Mani Krishna, Csaba Andras Moritz
On energy-optimal voltage scheduling for fixed-priority hard real-time systems
Han-Saem Yun, Jihong Kim
Power management for energy-aware communication systems
Curt Schurgers, Vijay Raghunathan, Mani B. Srivastava


Volume 2 , Issue 2 (May 2003)
Special issue on compilers, architecture, and synthesis for embedded systems
Gao Guang, Trevor Mudge
Array recovery and high-level transformations for DSP applications
Björn Franke, Michael O'boyle
Partitioned instruction cache architecture for energy efficiency
Soontae Kim, N. Vijaykrishnan, Mahmut Kandemir, Anand Sivasubramaniam, Mary Jane Irwin
Data remapping for design space optimization of embedded memory systems
Rodric M. Rabbah, Krishna V. Palem
Static resource models for code-size efficient embedded processors
Qin Zhao, Bart Mesman, Twan Basten


Volume 2 , Issue 1 (February 2003)
Introduction to the two special issues on memory
Bruce Jacob, Shuvra Bhattacharyya
Energy-aware design of embedded memories: A survey of technologies, architectures, and optimization techniques
Luca Benini, Alberto Macii, Massimo Poncino
Access pattern-based memory and connectivity architecture exploration
Peter Grun, Nikil Dutt, Alex Nicolau
System synthesis of synchronous multimedia applications
Gang Qu, Miodrag Potkonjak
Low-energy off-chip SDRAM memory systems for embedded applications
Hojun Shim, Yongsoo Joo, Yongseok Choi, Hyung Gyu Lee, Naehyuck Chang


Volume 1

Volume 1 , Issue 1 (November 2002)

Introduction to the inaugural issue
Wayne Wolf
Introduction to the two special issues on memory
Bruce Jacob, Shuvra Bhattacharyya
An optimal memory allocation scheme for scratch-pad-based embedded systems
Oren Avissar, Rajeev Barua, Dave Stewart
Tuning garbage collection for reducing memory system energy in an embedded java environment
G. Chen, R. Shetty, M. Kandemir, N. Vijaykrishnan, M. J. Irwin, M. Wolczko
Application-adaptive intelligent cache memory system
Jung-Hoon Lee, Shin-Dug Kim, Charles Weems
Frequent value locality and its applications
Jun Yang, Rajiv Gupta
System-level exploration of association table implementations in telecom network applications
Ch. Ykman-Couvreur, J. Lambrecht, A. Van Der Togt, F. Catthoor, H. De Man